Tutorial: a bright letter like a shop sign

You want to make a nice bright decoration? You are here at the right sign!

While many dreamed of becoming a firefighter, doctor or princess, we were a few to have a different dream: to have our own store. A shop with a flashing sign and a box that “clinks” every time it is closed.

Many have finally gone a different way and the world may not need so many ice cream shops. But it does not prevent that it could have been damn beautiful this store! Today, we will repair this injustice by learning to make a bright sign letter.


– a drill
– a glue gun
– a wood saw
– a trephine of the diameter of the base of the globes
– a rule
– a tape measure
– wood paint (two different colors)
– a brush
– wood screws
– zinc plated steel seat brackets
– a screwdriver
– a pencil
– an MDF board at least 10 mm thick (we used 15 mm)
– a light garland (you can find garlands of 20 LED globes for less than 30 € on the internet)
Budget: about $100
Duration: about one day
07733081-photo-tutorial-a-light-letter-as-a- shop-sign-1.jpg


1. Start by tracing and then cutting out the shape of the desired letter in the MDF panel. In our case, we chose to create a letter 50 cm high.
07733083-photo-tutorial-a-light-letter-as-a- shop-sign-2.jpg

2. The cut-out letter will be surrounded by perpendicular edges to hide the wires on the wrong side and give a deep effect on the place. Take measurements from all sides and cut out all the edges with a width of 12.5 cm.
07733085-photo-tutorial-a-light-letter-as-a- shop-sign-3.jpg

3. With a pencil, mark the future locations of the globes. Take the drill bit and drill a hole at each location. The drilling should be done on the spot and not on the back so as not to leave a trace.
07733087-photo-tutorial-a-light-letter-as-a- shop-sign-4.jpg

4. In MDF scrap pieces, cut rectangular pieces about 8 x 4 cm. Their number must be equal to that of the globes. Drill a hole in the middle of each piece with the trephine, then cut them in half in width. These elements will be used to keep the bulbs straight on the back of the letter.
07733089-photo-tutorial-a-light-letter-as-a- shop-sign-5.jpg

5. We will then fix all the edges on the letter leaving the same depth on each side of the lamp. For this, put the width of the MDF in the center of the edges cut in their length by drawing the lines.
07733091-photo-tutorial-a-light-letter-as-a- shop-sign-6.jpg

6. Then prepare the edges of the two ends of the letter and position them next to the cut letter. Screw steel seat brackets to the guide line so that the letter can rest on it.
07733093-photo-tutorial-a-light-letter-as-a- shop-sign-7.jpg

7. Screw both edges to the cut off letter.
07733095-photo-tutorial-a-light-letter-as-a- shop-sign-8.jpg

8. Repeat for all edges.
07733097-photo-tutor-a-light-letter-as-a- shop-sign-9.jpg

9. Add dots of glue in the corners on the back to consolidate the seams between the edges.
07733099-photo-tutorial-a-light-letter-as-a- shop-sign-10.jpg

10. Turn the letter over and sand all sides so that they are at the same level.
07733101-photo-tutorial-a-light-letter-as-a- shop-sign-11.jpg

11. Paint the letter in the desired colors. We chose a light gray for the interior and a dark gray for the outside.
07733103-photo-tutorial-a-light-letter-as-a- shop-sign-12.jpg

12. In reverse, place a globe in each hole.
07733105-photo-tutor-a-light-letter-as-a- shop-sign-13.jpg

13. Then, assemble previously cut rectangular pieces, then use them to block the ampoules from the back. To do this, apply a dot of glue on each piece of a pair, then tighten them against the base of the globes.
07733107-photo-tutorial-a-luminous-letter-as-a- shop-sign-14.jpg

In the end

Your letter of light is now over! It can decorate your home or even your garden. It is also a very good idea of ​​a personalized gift!
07733109-photo-tutor-a-light-letter-as-a- shop-sign-15.jpg
07733111-photo-tutorial-a-light-letter-as-a- shop-sign-16.jpg
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