Tutorial: a fabric sleeve for your coffee beaker

Create this pretty sleeve to dress your cup of coffee and never burn your fingers!

One time, this morning, the waiter of your favorite cafe hands you a hot goblet on which your name is inscribed in an unimaginable spelling. This can not go on ! Learn how to make this beautiful cup sleeve and draw it as soon as your coffee served to hide this terrible mistake (not to say horror!) Spell! 

The material

– a thick piece of fabric
– a thin layer of wadding
– a sewing machine
– an iron
– scissors
– sewing pins
– a needle
– sewing thread
– 10 cm elastic cord
– a button
– the boss (boss in two pieces)
Sewing values: 1 cm
Budget: around $5
Duration: 2 hours
07733831-photo-tutorial-a-sleeve-in-cloth-for- your-cup-of-cafe-1.jpg
07733833-photo-tutorial-a-sleeve-in-fabric-for- your-cup-of-cafe-2.jpg


1. To begin, make a placement and double cut each piece of fabric.
07733835-photo-tutorial-a-sleeve-in-cloth-for- your-cup-of-cafe-3.jpg

2. Stack the pieces right sides together, separating the right and left sides. Prick both sides oblique.
07733837-photo-tutorial-a-sleeve-in-cloth-for- your-cup-of-cafe-4.jpg

3. Open with iron making sure you are on the seam.
07733839-photo-tutorial-a-sleeve-in-cloth-for- your-cup-of-cafe-5.jpg

4. Stack both pieces right side up, overlapping the middle seam, then sew three sides. Cut the angele 0.1 cm from the seam on the short cut side. Cut a thickness of cotton wool.
07733841-photo-tutorial-a-sleeve-in-cloth-for- your-cup-of-cafe-6.jpg

5. Overlay the wadding on the set, then transplant into the first sting. Cut the wadding 0.5 cm from the seam so that it is not too thick.
07733843-photo-tutorial-a-sleeve-in-fabric-for- your coffee-cup-7.jpg

6. Turn the sleeve over, then iron again.
07733845-photo-tutorial-a-sleeve-in-fabric-for- your-cup-of-cafe-8.jpg

7. Make a 1 cm filled on the small open side.
07733847-photo-tutorial-a-sleeve-in-cloth-for- your-cup-of-cafe-9.jpg

8. Fold the elastic in half, then make a straight stitch 2 cm from the bottom to secure the 2 ends of the elastic.
07733849-photo-tutorial-a-sleeve-in-cloth-for- your coffee-cup-10.jpg

9. Place the elastic in the middle of the small open side of the sleeve according to the pattern.
07733851-photo-tutorial-a-sleeve-in-cloth-for- your-cup-of-cafe-11.jpg

10. Stabilize the elastic by pinning just before and right after the loop. Make a vein bite along the short side.
07733853-photo-tutorial-a-sleeve-in-fabric-for- your-cup-of-cafe-12.jpg

11. Help yourself with the pattern and place the button mark.
photo-07733855-tutorial-a-sleeve-in-fabric-for- your-cup-of-cafe-13.jpg

12. Prepare a cordset or double thread. On the spot, sew the needle at the button’s location (you will hide the knot of your needle under the button), then sew the button.
photo-07733857-tutorial-a-sleeve-in-fabric-for- your coffee-cup-14.jpg
photo-07733859-tutorial-a-sleeve-in-fabric-for- your coffee-cup-15.jpg


Dressed in this sleeve, your cup of coffee has become a fashion accessory! And, the height of happiness, thanks to him you will never burn your hands! Of course, you can also use it on a mug or a cup! And for all those who are angry with sewing machines, find out how to easily customize your cup so you too can have a good time at work!
photo-07733861-tutorial-a-sleeve-in-fabric-for- your coffee-cup-16.jpg
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