Tutorial: a Jenga style lamp with wooden dowels

Make a design lamp with wooden dowels!

Wood is a warm material that probably reminds you of long-lasting memories of Jenga. But if ! You know, this famous building game! We show you how to easily make a Jenga-inspired design lamp with wooden dowels. 

The material

– 124 wooden dowels (7 cm long and 5 mm wide)
– Some pieces of card
– Glue (glue gun recommended for more precision and speed)
– A pencil with paper
– A cutter
– A bulb holder


1. Start by making squares with your wooden pegs in the same way as in the picture.
2. Then assemble 3 squares together to create the base of your lamp.
3. Cut out a piece of cardboard to the dimensions of your squares.
4. Cut a hole the size of your lamp holder in the same carton, then assemble it with your base.
07495649-photo-ankle-lamp-in-wood-start-mounting. jpg
5. Put a first square on the cardboard to hold the whole.
07495645-photo-lamp-ankle-in-wood-base-finished. jpg
6. Now is the time to make your own lamp. To do this, stick a square side as in the example.
07495647-photo-ankle-lamp-in-wood-base-2. jpg
Then a second over, in the same direction as the first …
And so on.
Repeat until your lamp looks like a tower.

In the end

Your Jenga style lamp is ready, you just have to add a bulb and you’re done!
Admire the result: you get a very beautiful light effect thanks to the star shape of the lamp.
Thanks to LindaRoseDesign for this tutorial, you can find her work in her shop etsy.
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