Tutorial: a luminous carpet hook

Make a very original bright carpet in hook!

Very interesting to use in decoration, the luminaries are as aesthetic as they are useful. With the tutorial of the day, the term of bright idea makes sense! Today, we are going to learn how to make a bright hook rug. 

The equipment

– a 5 m LED light cord
– 15m jersey ribbon
– a hook (size to choose according to the width of the ribbon)
Budget: around $20
Duration: 2 hours
07734163-photo-tutorial-a-carpet-luminous-in-hook- 1.jpg


1. Start by attaching the ribbon at the end of the light cord by making a simple knot.
07734165-photo-tutorial-a-carpet-luminous-in-hook- 2.jpg
2. Wrap the ribbon around the rigid end of the cord for 3 cm.
07734167-photo-tutorial-a-carpet-luminous-in-hook- 3.jpg
3. Begin to wrap the cord alternately with a tight stitch and two stitches in the air.
07734169-photo-tutorial-a-carpet-luminous-in-hook- 4.jpg
4. Catch the first knot at the rigid end with a tight knit to start wrapping the light cord.
07734171-photo-tutorial-a-carpet-luminous-in-hook- 5.jpg
5. Continue alternating the tight sts with three sts in the air. Stitch in the stitches of the previous rows to make the tight stitches.
07734173-photo-tutorial-a-carpet-luminous-in-hook- 6.jpg
6.Continue winding the light cord, always alternating with three stitches in the air.
07734175-photo-tutorial-a-carpet-luminous-in-hook- 7.jpg
7. If you wish, you can finish the carpet with a ribbon of another color by linking them with a knot.
07734177-photo-tutorial-a-carpet-luminous-in-hook- 8.jpg
8. Finish with a knot by hiding the end of the thread behind the stitches.
07734179-photo-tutorial-a-carpet-luminous-in-hook- 9.jpg

In the end

Your carpet is now finished! You can put the set on a piece of furniture or directly on the floor. And if light ribbons are a good way to light up your home, be aware that they can also illuminate the outside of your home!
07734181-photo-tutorial-a-carpet-luminous-in-hook- 10.jpg
07734183-photo-tutorial-a-carpet-luminous-in-hook- 11.jpg
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