Tutorial: a paper table runner for the holidays

Just a little patience and paper to create a table runner with Christmas colors!

For parties, would you like to surprise your guests with an original table without having to spend a fortune on deco or Christmas dinnerware? Why not make yourself a paper table runner? Economical and easy to achieve, it will be a great effect without breaking the bank! 

The material

– The template to print in A4
– Green paper in A4 format 240g / m2 or thick paper recovery
– A pair of scissors / a paper cutter / scalpel
– A cutting mat
– Optional: a battery-powered light string and / or some candles
Budget: less than 10 euros
Duration: 3 hours


1. Download and print the template on the green paper.
2. Cut the holly along the solid lines.
3. Bend along the dotted lines using a bender, a ruler or the back of your scalpel. If you opt for a dark green, the lines will not show; if you choose a lighter paper, fold upside down to hide the construction lines.
4. Formatting by marking more or less the creases to create volume. Repeat as many times as necessary to get a supplied table runner.
5. Arrange at the center of the table to create a path dotted with a few candles, or illuminated with a light string stacked with discreet wire. You will easily hide the switch under the paper foliage.

In the end

And now, all you have to do is set up your party table and enjoy the gentle green atmosphere of the holly and the dancing lights between the guests!
The idea in addition: If after the holidays you do not have enough room to store your way to the table next year, or if it was damaged during dinner, you can recycle it by putting it in the paper bucket.

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