Tutorial: a plate transformed into a mirror

Almost magically, a slightly old plate becomes a very classy mirror!

Without wanting to upset your old aunt who passed on it to you as an inheritance … this vintage plate even downright obsolete will remain in the cupboard. Unless you can turn it around and transform it? If the plate is hollow enough, we think of course to slide in a cup under a flowerpot, neither seen nor known. But we offer you a much more amusing idea of ​​diversion: turning the plate into a mirror.If you read correctly. You will get a very original mirror at a ridiculous price. Demonstration! 

The material:

  1. The plate to divert of your choice
  2. An adhesive mirror
  3. A cloth
  4. An adhesive tape for frame
  5. A nail

Budget: About  $10 USD
Duration:  5-10 minutes

The steps:

1. The first things to do and take the measurements from the bottom of your plate. It is from them that will depend the choice of the diameter of the adhesive mirror that you will buy.

mirror plate measures

2. When you have all the elements with you, start by cleaning your plate so that it is perfectly clean. You have understood, it will serve as support for your mirror.

dish wipe

3. Follow the instructions that accompany the mirror.

Adhesive Mirror Plate

4. Glue the double-sided adhesive tapes to the back of the mirror. If you wish, you can strengthen the support with a few extra-glue glue.

Adhesive Mirror Plate

5.With your cloth, press the mirror to remove any traces and also press the adhesive tapes.

dish wipe

6.Then place the adhesive tie to stick to the back of your plate, well in the center. Again, everything depends on the instructions delivered with. It can be a double-sided adhesive fastener or a fastener to stick with a sponge impregnated with water as for us. Whatever your choice, make sure that it will support the weight of your cumulative attitude to that of the mirror.

paste mirror attachment

To finish

Your stylish mirror is already finished! Plant a nail in the wall where you wish to install it, or unsheat the drill if it is concrete. Another option for the less adventurous (or the most lazy) to put it on a nice piece of furniture or a fireplace.
mirror trimmed plate