Tutorial: a pop art portrait of your cat

A picture of your pet is good. But a portrait of him pop art version is even better, and so much more original.

Real cockskins in recent years, cats are everywhere. And if you are among those who think your protégé deserves even more attention, the tutorial of the day is for you! Today, we will learn how to make a decent pop art portrait of your cat (or your dog, your rabbit, your giraffe …).


– a printer
– an A4 photo frame
– a dark colored A4 sheet with a thickness of approximately 120gr / m²
– a light colored A4 sheet with a thickness of approximately 120gr / m²
– a pair of scissors
– a cutter
– a spray of black paint (preferably low pressure)
– a tube of glue
Budget: about $30
Duration: 30 minutes 

07733163-photo-tutorial-a-portrait-pop-art-of your-cat-1.jpg


1. Choose a picture of your cat (or your dog, or … in short, you understand) and import it into a photo editing software. Change the color mode to black and white and increase the brightness and contrast. Our tip: if you do not have photo editing software, you can edit your photos directly online on multiple sites you find by searching the keyword “online photo editor” in a search engine. Print the result on the dark colored sheet, then carefully cut out the outline of your pet’s head with a pair of scissors or a cutter.
07733165-photo-tutorial-a-portrait-pop-art-of your-cat-2.jpg  

2. To enhance the pop art look of your portrait, we will apply a slight gradient effect with black paint on the yellow background. For this, hold the paint spray about fifteen inches from the leaf and bend a line parallel to the sheet about 5 centimeters below. Train on drafts before doing it on the final floor and protect your work plan with newspapers. Our tip: the paint bombs sold in specialized street-art stores are cheaper and especially much more suitable for this type of use than those sold in DIY stores. Their low pressure facilitates handling and allows greater precision.
07733167-photo-tutorial-a-portrait-pop-art-of your-cat-3.jpg
07733169-photo-tutorial-a-portrait-pop-art-of your-cat-4.jpg
3. Glue the cut-out portrait onto the light background you have just painted and insert it into a frame.
07733171-photo-tutorial-a-portrait-pop-art-de your-cat-5.jpg

In the end

It only remains to hang on a wall and your favorite animal will become the star of your home. It’s also a good gift idea for a loved one: original, surprising and personalized!
07733173-photo-tutorial-a-portrait-pop-art-of your-cat-6.jpg
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