Tutorial: a ring with colored pencils

Create a funny ring that will appeal to children and moms!

 A ring with colored pencils? Oh yes, you read well! Well, unfortunately, you will not be able to use the ring to draw. On the other hand we do not doubt that it will make envious, on the benches of the school as in the office! Today, we will learn how to make a ring with colored pencils. 

The material

– seven colored pencils
– a hacksaw
– a tube of glue
– a ring with a wide tray
Budget: around $5
Duration: 1 hour
07733703-photo-tutorial-a-ring-with-pencils- de-color-1.jpg


1. To begin, cut a 5 mm piece of each color.
07733705-photo-tutorial-a-ring-with-pencils- de-color-2.jpg

2. Assemble the pencil pieces to obtain the desired shape, then glue them together.
07733707-photo-tutorial-a-ring-with-pencils- de-couleur-3.jpg

3. Put glue on the ring top.
07733709-photo-tutorial-a-ring-with-pencils- de-color-4.jpg

4. Stick the assembly on the ring.
07733711-photo-tutorial-a-ring-with-pencils- de-color-5.jpg

In the end

Finally, it’s pretty simple to create an original ring! Make this tutorial with children, guaranteed success! Have fun making other funny jewels with them like our candy bracelet!
07733713-photo-tutorial-a-ring-with-pencils- de-color-6.jpg
07733715-photo-tutorial-a-ring-with-pencils- de-couleur-7.jpg
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