Tutorial: a soap dispenser revamped with rope

Customize your soap dispenser and give it a marine look with a simple cotton rope.

Today, we are going to tackle an everyday object so indispensable that we would almost forget its decorative potential. And yes, you decorate your bathroom and kitchen in every detail, but do you think of the soap dispenser? No ? Then discover without delay how to revive a soap dispenser with cotton rope, to give it a marine style. 

The equipment

– a liquid soap dispenser
– a tube of glue
– about 10 m of cord made of 1.5 mm diameter cotton
– scissors or a cutter
Budget: around $10
Duration: about 15 min
Achievement time: one hour
07733127-photo-tutorial-a-soap-dispenser-makeover- with-the-rope-1.jpg


1. To begin, disassemble the dispenser to keep only the main part. Put a dot of glue at one end, then start wrapping the chalk around the main part.
07733129-photo-tutorial-a-soap-dispenser-makeover- with-the-rope-2.jpg
2. Continue by repeating the same operations. Add one glue point each turn and make sure to tighten the chalk.
07733131-photo-tutorial-a-soap-dispenser-makeover- with-the-rope-3.jpg
3. Cut at the end with scissors or a cutter and add a dot of glue.
07733133-photo-tutorial-a-soap-dispenser-makeover- with-the-rope-4.jpg

In the end

You now have a unique liquid soap dispenser! You can very well use the same technique to cover a jug or a vase and thus give a seaside atmosphere to your decoration.
07733135-photo-tutor-a-distributor-of-soap-relooke- with-the-rope-5.jpg
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