Tutorial: a vase to bring spring into the bathroom!

Prepare the bathroom for the spring with this vase full of freshness!

Slowly you start preparing the house for the spring, you bring out the fresh colored linens and you open the window more often to breathe your interior … Your bathroom also needs novelty and freshness! Failing to change the entire decor, bring a touch of fantasy with this offset vase. Combine with a bunch of fresh seasonal flowers, you will see that it will not take more to put you in the mood for the morning and bring spring into the house! 

The material

– A vase or a bottle / bottle of recovery
– False eyelashes
– Strong liquid glue any support
– Seasonal flowers
– Possibly tweezers to handle false eyelashes
– Optional: liner, indelible black marker, pink paint and small brush brush

vase material diy
Budget: less than $25 USD
Duration: 15 minutes


1. Clean the vase carefully and remove all traces of labels or glue if it is a collection container. Put the glue on the base of the false eyelashes.

false eyelashes deco

2. Arrange the false eyelashes gently on the vase, helping you if necessary with tweezers.

diy false eyelashes vase

3. You can add to the customization by also tracing a mouth with a marker or a waterproof liner, create an indelible felt fly or pink “cheeks” by dabbing some pink paint on the vase.

DIY vase spring eyelash

In the end

And now, you just have to arrange your cute vase in your bathroom. Choose a place not too hot to preserve the flowers and renew the water often to enjoy their freshness longer. If you choose a wide-necked vase, you can also store cotton, bath salts or your costume jewelry to have them always at hand.

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