Tutorial: an embroidered clock for the eternal latecomers

You will never be late again with this embroidered clock to motivate you!

It was your early year resolution, but it did not really work? Whatever you do, you are late for work, your appointments, school or airport … And if we approached the problem without guilt, trying to do a little better every day, and especially with humor? This easy-to-stitch chain-lock clock will inspire you to speed up the movement to get closer to your goal, never arrive late … At the right time! 

The material

  1. A 15 cm diameter embroidery drum
  2. Embroidery thread of different colors
  3. A needle to embroider
  4. A piece of durable cotton fabric, quite thick or doubled
  5. A marker for textile erasable with water
  6. Clock hands
  7. A pair of scissors
  8. Optional: a clock mechanism and a battery

diy hardware clock embroidered
Budget: 25 euros
Duration: 2 hours


1. Place your fabric on the embroidery drum and trace your marks with the erasable marker: main numbers, hours, outlines and center of the clock. If necessary, use a compass, protractor and ruler to distribute the elements symmetrically and evenly. Always with the erasable marker, place and then write the words chosen from the following list: go, hurry, quickly, swarm, it urge, move, go, almost, oops, almost, faster, accelerates, magne-toi , run, put the eraser …

diagonally embroidered clock

2. Take the work out of the drum and reposition it according to the area to be embroidered. Embroider the numbers and markers in black for more readability, and use the colors of your choice for the words.

embroider clock

3. Embroider at the chain stitch. Do not worry if your work has imperfections, that will make it all the charm! However, if you are a beginner, choose the shortest words, the risk of mistakes will be reduced and the words a bit crooked will be less noticeable.

embroider chain point clock

4. Once the embroidery is complete, soak it for a few seconds in warm water to remove any felt marks. Then replace the drum and tighten the fabric taking care not to distort the embroidered elements. When drying, the embroidery will set and the fabric will stretch even better.

diy embroidered clock

5. Once your work is dry, you need to position the needles. Here you can simply sew them with a few stitches or, for a working clock, fix them on the axis of the mechanism provided for this purpose.

embroidery clock

6. Finally, cut off the excess fabric on the back of the drum.

embroider time

In the end

All you have to do is hang your clock prominently in your entrance or bathroom, it will remind you every moment that time is running out!
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