Tutorial: an original mirror with diverted plastic spoons

Did you ever dream of being able to make a beautiful mirror with simple plastic spoons?

Looking for an original and fun DIY idea for a Wednesday afternoon with your kids? Get ready to make a small stock of plastic spoons, the following tutorial should please you! Today, we are going to learn how to make a flowered and colored mirror with plastic spoons. 


– a jigsaw
– a glue gun
– a square
– a thin MDF board of 25 x 25 cm
– a round mirror of 15 cm diameter
– about 150 small plastic spoons
– two paint bombs with close shades (preferably low pressure)
– a cutter
– a tube of instant glue type Super Glue
– a pencil
Budget: about $30
Duration: 2 hours
07733465-photo-tutorial-an-original-mirror-with-des- spoon-in-plastic-detournees-1.jpg


1. Start by drawing the outline of the mirror by placing it exactly in the center of the 25 x 25 cm square. Then draw a circle 25 cm in diameter on the board. Our trick: to draw a circle easily, nail a nail in the center and use a string at the end of which you place a pencil at the distance corresponding to the desired radius.
07733467-photo-tutorial-a-mirror-original-with-out- spoon-in-plastic-detournees-2.jpg

2. Cut the 25 cm diameter circle with a jigsaw.
07733469-photo-tutorial-an-original-mirror-with-des- spoon-in-plastic-detournees-3.jpg

3. Cut the spoon handle with a cutter, and then fix them on the cut circle starting at the edge. To fix them, put a dot of glue on the base of the hollow end.
07733471-photo-tutorial-an-original-mirror-with-des- spoon-in-plastic-detournees-4.jpg

4. Continue row by row until you reach the mirror outline.
07733473-photo-tutorial-an-original-mirror-with-des- spoon-in-plastic-detournees-5.jpg

5. We will now paint the mirror with a degraded effect. To begin, apply a layer of the darkest shade everywhere. To paint, position the bomb about 20 cm from the spoons, then make regular circular motions. Our tip: paint bombs sold in street-art stores are cheaper and better suited for this type of use than those sold in DIY stores. Their low pressure facilitates handling and allows greater precision.
07733475-photo-tutorial-an-original-mirror-with-des- spoon-in-plastic-detournees-6.jpg

6. Apply a layer of the lightest paint by making circular movements from the center to half of the rows.
07733477-photo-tutorial-a-mirror-original-with-out- spoon-in-plastic-detournees-7.jpg

7. Fix the mirror on its location.
07733481-photo-tutorial-an-original-mirror-with-des- spoon-in-plastic-detournees-9.jpg
07733483-photo-tutorial-an-original-mirror-with-des- spoon-in-plastic-detournees-10.jpg

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