Tutorial: coasters with wool beads

Easily create colorful coasters!

Whether you are a fan of tea, beer or lychee juice, having a set of coasters is a real necessity to preserve your furniture. And if they are cute and homemade, it’s even better! Today, we will learn how to make beautiful coasters with wool beads. 

The material

– a 10 cm diameter coaster or a thin wooden circle of the same diameter
– 200 small felted wool beads
– a tube of glue or a glue gun
Budget: around $10
Duration: 1 hour
07734139-photo-tutorial-of-coasters-with-des- pearls-in-wool-1.jpg


1. To begin, glue the beads one by one on the coaster with a glue dot starting at the center. Be sure to alternate colors to achieve a balanced result.
07734141-photo-tutorial-of-coasters-with-des- beads-in-wool-2.jpg
2. Continue to glue the beads on the entire cup by placing the last line 1 mm from the edge.
07734143-photo-tutorial-of-coasters-with-des- beads-in-wool-3.jpg
3. Let dry, then repeat for other coasters. Count about 200 small beads per coaster of 10 cm in diameter.
07734145-photo-tutorial-of-the-coasters-with-des- beads-in-wool-4.jpg

In the end

In addition to being practical, these coasters are really cute! All you have to do is take out your best glasses! You can also use this same technique to make a trivet!
07734147-photo-tutorial-of-the-coasters-with-des- beads-in-wool-5.jpg
07734149-photo-tutorial-of-the-coasters-with-des- beads-in-wool-6.jpg
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