Tutorial: decorate the windows for a child’s room with chalk markers

An easy and decorative DIY activity to do with (or without!) Children

During the holidays, finding an occupation that captivates children for a while without becoming noisy or creating disorder, it’s a miracle! However, we have the solution with this activity: what if we decorated the windows with chalk markers?

However, just a few sheets of paper and chalk markers are enough to keep kids happy for hours. Between the drawing stage and the realization of the decorations on the windows, there is something to occupy them, besides they will be proud to have decorated their room with their own hands. The icing on the cake, these works are ephemeral, remove the water and can be renewed as soon as the imperatives of the season (or your nerves) will make it necessary!

The material

– Paper and pens for drawing (or something to print models found on the internet)
– Repositionable tape (scotch crepe or masking tape)
– One or more chalk markers (Posca or Uni)
– A rag to eliminate burrs
Budget: 5 euros
Duration: everything depends on the size of your windows!
Age of children: from 6 years old


1. Print the models or draw the children on sheets of paper.
2. Fix them with tape repositionable on the outside of the glass, the drawings towards you. You can cut the sheet to separate the different patterns and create a composition, or even duplicate elements by moving the sheet as many times as necessary.
3. Shake the chalk felt and start the flow of liquid chalk on a rough sheet. Draw on the glass (inner side) following the contours of the drawings. Attention on the double glazing, it is essential not to move to not change the angle of view during work, the drawing could split or contours do not match.
4. If you wish, move the sheets on the back of the glass to make the same drawing several times. You can choose a random placement or opt for a frieze or pattern that repeats itself regularly.
If you prefer the designs to be more visible from the outside than from the inside, it is better to draw on the outside of the glass, and then use special markers that resist water using a specific cleanser. Avoid in this case the inscriptions or the patterns whose “meaning” is important, otherwise you will have to trace them upside down so that they appear from the outside!

In the end

Once you understand the principle, the possibilities are endless! After the animals, you can spend the decorations of birthday, Christmas or Easter, or the most varied themes according to the tastes of children: space, forest, sea … It is also a great way to free children’s creativity without wasting tons of paper!
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