Tutorial: earrings with iron beads

A funny tutorial that you can do with your children!

What memories with ironing beads! From comic book characters to invented animals, everything came alive just as we were going through this normal adult swing. Today we are going back to childhood learning to make earrings with iron beads. 

The hardware

– a flat clamp
– ironing beads
– a rack with iron beads
– two rings
– a sheet of parchment paper
– an iron
– two ear hooks
Budget: around $5
Duration: 1 hour
07733689-photo-tutorial-of-ear-ear-with- pearls-to-iron-1.jpg


1. To begin, position the beads on the base in the desired shape.
07733691-photo-tutorial-of-ear-ear-with- beads-to-iron-2.jpg

2. Place a sheet of parchment paper on the shapes and press it with the iron for a few seconds. Let it dry for a minute and remove the beads gently. Our tip: if you do not have parchment paper, you can use a piece of white fabric.
07733693-photo-tutorial-of-ear-ear-with- pearls-to-iron-3.jpg

3. Attach a ring to both forms.
07733695-photo-tutorial-of-the-ear-earrings-with- pearls-to-iron-4.jpg

4. Attach the hooks to the rings.
07733697-photo-tutorial-of-the-ear-earrings-with- beads-to-iron-5.jpg

In the end

Finally, it’s rather a nice idea to make pearl jewelry to iron! You can make any shape with this technique! Necklaces, bracelets, key rings … we are waiting for your ideas! Have fun creating other funny jewels with your children: try for example our tutorial to make a ring with crayons!
07733699-photo-tutorial-of-ear-ear-with- beads-to-iron-6.jpg
07733701-photo-tutorial-of-the-ear-earrings-with- beads-to-iron-7.jpg
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