Tutorial: festive paper glasses for the New Year

Make your party glasses and make a splash for Christmas Eve!

Are you ready to wake up? You have all planned, your outfit, champagne, mistletoe to kiss at midnight … And if you tinkered a touch more to make the evening unforgettable? With these festive glasses, you are sure to get noticed and appear on the selfies of all the guests! If you are having fun with the family, do not hesitate to get the children involved, they will love these fancy dresses. 

The material

– 300mg / m2 thick paper in A3 format (cut to size 21 X 42 cm)
– a pair of scissors
– a paper cutter or scalpel
– a cutting mat
– to decorate: paint, stickers, glitter, sequins …
– a glue gun and glue sticks
Budget: less than 5 euros
Duration: 30 minutes


1. Cut your 21 x 42 cm paper into your home printer. Download the glasses template and print it. If you print on A4, you will get a smaller perfect model for kids!
2. Cut the glasses along the solid lines.
3. Make as many pairs of glasses as there are guests. It will be enough to vary the decorations so that everyone has a unique model!
4. Decorate your glasses by glittering glitter or sequins. Children can also draw on or stick on colored stickers. You can even embroider patterns in colored thread.
5. Fold following the dotted lines to form the branches of the glasses.

In the end

All you have to do is put on your glasses to celebrate the last night of the year! What if you also download our great new year wreath?
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