Tutorial: make a lunch bag or lunch bag to bring your dishes to the office

This year, you have decided to pay attention to your diet! So, to eat balanced, including in the office, you bring home-cooked meals. But how to go about not spilling anything?
Here is the tutorial of our lunch bag: the practical and washable lunch bag. What to pack your boxes of Meal Prep, without any disaster!


The material

– oilcloth (you can recycle a tablecloth)
– imitation leather falls
– scissors
– 50cm of flat elastic
– a snap
– a rule
– a pencil
– a sewing machine
– pins
08793792-photo-lunch-bag-lunch-bag-equipment. jpg
Time: 4h
Budget: 30 euros




1. Trace and cut the pattern of the bag in both your fabrics.Remember to leave 1cm of seam allowance.
08793794-photo-tutorial-lunch-bag-lunch-bag-1. jpg
2. To hold the cutlery, sew two bands of elastic bands in the right stitch on the area of ??the fabric that will be inside the bag.
08793796-photo-tutorial-lunch-bag-lunch-bag-2. jpg
3. Sew the first pattern starting with joining the sides. Then, sew the bottom in straight stitch.
08793798-photo-tuto-lunch-bag-lunch-bag-3. jpg
4. Repeat to sew the second bag, which will be inside. Attention: the seams must be outside for this one!
08793802-photo-tutorial-lunch-bag-lunch-bag-5. jpg
6. Fold the strips in half and sew them in the right stitch.
08793804-photo-tutorial-lunch-bag-lunch-bag-6. jpg
7. Flip the two strips over themselves to form the handles.
08793806-photo-lunch-bag-lunch-bag-7. jpg
8. Sew the handles on the pocket forming the outside.
08793808-photo-lunch-snack-bag-lunch-bag-8. jpg
9. Place two snaps to close the bag. One on the outer pocket, the other on the flap of the inner pocket.
08793810-photo-lunch-bag-lunch-bag-9. jpg
10. Stack both pockets to form your bag.
08793812-photo-lunch-bag-lunch-bag-10. jpg
11. Pin the edges of the two pockets to hold them together and form your lunch bag.
12. Sew at the right stitch along the edge to finish the bag.
08793816-photo-lunch-bag-lunch-bag-12. jpg



In the end

You are ready to bring your little dishes! This lunch bag will be able to follow you everywhere, to transport your small dishes easily and without any risk.
Customize your bag according to your needs: vary the size, fabrics, patterns or even the fastener by replacing it with a button or scratch. You can even make an insulated lunch bag by sewing a fleece pocket between the two fabrics.
To your machines!
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