Tutorial: making a box with wheels for its plants

It’s easy to move your plants with this box on wheels!

Lovers of houseplants, you all know this problem: not easy to clean when you must first move and then put in place large pots whose weight makes handling easy, not to mention the risk of spilling from the ground or run water on the ground! Same problem if you have multiple small pots or if you grow seedlings warm waiting for spring. How to move them more easily? By making a mobile case that you will move in the blink of an eye and that will blend perfectly into your decor. 

The equipment

– A wooden crate like a wine or vegetable crate or a toy crate, provided it has handles
– sandpaper
– Masking tape
– Masking tape masking tape
– Black acrylic paint
– An old toothbrush
– A tendril or a drill
– 4 swivel castors in polypropylene diameter 5 cm (for up to 50 kg load)
– 16 rivets
– 16 washers
– Riveting pliers
– Tarpaulin or newspapers
– Optional: white paint if the crate has inscriptions that you want to hide.
caster hardware
Budget: less than 20 euros
Duration: 2 hours


1. If you start from a recovery box, first sand the rough edges of the wood with the sandpaper, especially on the edges and corners to avoid splinters and homogenize the surface if you want to paint it. If it is necessary to protect the edges and the inside of the box with masking tape to paint only the outside. You may want to paint the interior as well, choose a lacquer paint that will be more easily washable and will catch less dust. Plan several layers for better opacity. Allow to dry thoroughly between each coat and before further handling..

decorate wooden case

2. With the masking tape, draw the shapes of your choice on the outside walls of the box. You can create patterns or let your imagination run free with geometric shapes..

paint wooden crate

3. With the crepe tape, protect the wood around each shape. Also cover the edges, bottom and inside of the crate to avoid unwanted dribbles and splashes..

tooth brush paint

4. Protect your worktop with the tarpaulin. Dilute the black paint slightly. Dip the toothbrush, remove the excess by shaking vigorously and spray the paint towards the open spaces of the crate by gently rubbing the toothbrush with your thumb towards the wood..

paint without compressor

5. Let it dry. You can eventually speed up drying by using a hair dryer. Then gently remove the masking tape and finally the masking tape..

diy caster wheels

6.Position the casters on the bottom of the crate, make markings at the fasteners and drill the wood with the auger or drill..

ask caster wine casters

7. Put each wheel in position. Thread the rivets into the holes provided, add washers on the roulette side and then, with the riveting pliers, secure the whole at the bottom of the box. Repeat for each roulette.

Nb: Here we used rivets to fix the wheels because the bottom of the box is quite thin (5 mm). If your crate has a thick bottom, you can use simple bolts and nuts for simplicity. Adjust the length of the nuts to the thickness of the wood so as not to impede the movement of the wheels.
platform casters plants

In the end

And now, you just have to protect the bottom of your crate with a sheet of clear plastic and to dispose your favorite plants. Your little portable jungle is ready to travel home without damage!
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