Tutorial: making a notebook cover with flaps

Adapt to protect your books, diary or health book.

It’s almost back to school! And in the endless list of school supplies, a teacher insists on the need for a booklet protector. Neither one nor two, we draw our sewing machine to make it yourself. And to combine business with pleasure, we take the opportunity to create flaps to mark his page and customize his book cover! 


– plastic to cover books
– a sewing machine
– wire
– pins
– a pen
– a rule
– scissors
You can also adapt the tutorial to make a notebook book protector.
Budget: 5 euros
Duration: 1 hour


1. Arrange the notebook on the plastic. Form a first flap by folding the plastic along your notebook and pinning it. Remember to leave 5mm margin for seams.
2. Repeat on the other side to form the second flap. Then trace the cutting line.
3. Cut along the line to get the right width of plastic. In the roll, cut out two rectangles to form the transparent flaps. They should be slightly smaller than the page in your notebook.
4. Pin the flaps along the sides of the notebook protector. Make sure they are aligned with the fold so they are properly sewn.
Draw along the notebook (top and bottom) marks for your seams.
5. Sew the right stitch all the way around the notebook protector. To properly hold the plastic without piercing it with extra pins, you can use a stationary eraser.
6. Cut along seams to remove excess plastic.
7. It’s over! You can now customize your notebook protector with markers, or by sliding an illustration between the cover and the booklet protector.

In the end

Finally, it’s easy to make your own supplies for the fall season! Practical and much cheaper than business notebook protectors, they will also be unique and will make your office even more beautiful. Add your personal touch by changing the color of the thread or by personalizing your notebook protector with felt.
And if you love this DIY back, you can even create a book, agenda or health book cover. The method remains the same!
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