Tutorial: making a seedling organizer for its seeds

Or how to store your seeds to know when to plant them!

Have you ever wondered when to plant your seeds? You do not know how to keep your seedlings in a convenient place and at the same time aesthetic and organized? This time is over!
Make this seedling organizer and never miss the good season to grow different varieties! 

The Equipment

– a box of empty herbal teas (with 12 compartments)
– kraft paper
– glue
– squares of origami paper of 12cm side
– felt
– scissors
Time: 4 hours
Budget: 10 euros


1. Start by covering the box, sticking kraft paper.


2. Complete your planting and harvest calendar according to the seeds you have. Then stick it on the inside of the box.


3. On the separations of the box, note down each month of the year, to be able to classify your seedlings.


4. We will now make small bags for origami seeds. Fold your paper diagonally.


5. Fold the left tip inwards.


6. Fold the right point inwards in the same way, aligning it with the first point.


7. Fold the top tip down. Slip it into the pocket formed by the last folded tip, to keep it all together.


8. Slip some seeds into the bag thus formed.


9. Close the bag by sliding the last point in the same way as step 7.


10. Write the name of the variety on the bag.


11. Create as many seed bags as you need. Vary the colors to easily differentiate vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers.


12. Finish your box by pasting a small decoration on the top.


In the end

Easier to store your seedlings, you’ll be ready in any season for great planting and harvesting. You do not have seedlings? Collect some zucchini seeds or organic tomatoes to fill your seed box.
You can even note on the bag all the information about the seeds: their origin, the needs of the plant and all that seems useful to you. And here is an essential accessory to keep the green thumb and share his discoveries between gardeners!

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