Tutorial: making a wooden stool

Do you have some boards hanging around the garage, or have you just dismantled an old shelf to get rid of them? Why not get the wood back to make a little extra stool? Achievable in a short time, it will be finished in a jiffy and will be useful on many occasions.


The material

– Reclaimed wood (one or more pieces, even different, provided they have the same thickness of about 2.5 cm)
– A hand saw or electric jigsaw
– A drill
– 6 screws 5 cm long
– A screwdriver
– Fine sandpaper
– A brush brush (width 3 to 4 cm)
– White acrylic paint all supports
– Clamps or vice
– Optional: wood pulp
Budget: less than 15 euros
Duration: 1h30 + drying time of the paint




1. Draw the different elements to be cut on the piece of wood or pieces of wood
2. With the saw, cut out the different elements, held in a vise or with clamps, following the lines.
3. Sand each piece to obtain smooth surfaces and edges, without splinters, and to recover any small cutting defects, especially on the circle of the seat.
4. Prepare the fixings by pre-drilling the holes of the seat, then screw it on each leg.
5. If you wish, it’s time to fill in the holes and defects of your wood for a perfect result. Once the wood pulp dries, sand well your retouches to not create defects or thicknesses on the surface. Otherwise, you can as here leave your wood in the state and assume the recovery side in the rough.
6. With the brush brush, paint the stool starting from the bottom of the seat before turning it over to finish. On identical pieces of clear wood like here, two layers will suffice.If you have used dark wood of different colors or more porous, a third layer may be necessary. Let dry well and with fine sandpaper, lightly sand the wood between each layer.



In the end

And now, your stool is finished! You can also use it as a side table, at the bedside, at the end of a sofa, in a nursery room or as a plant stand. With its geometrical shape and its white matte color, it will integrate as well in the living room as on the balcony.
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