Tutorial: Making an annual bubble calendar

Or how to spend a year lightly?

Who would not appreciate starting his day with a moment of happiness? A moment of lightness before starting a busy day? Our solution: make a bubble paper calendar.
The concept: every day of every month, a bubble is bursting. An original and colorful calendar, to stay in a good mood for the whole year! 

The material

– bubble wrap
– a roll of kraft paper
– plastic felts
– a cardboard folder
– scissors
– glue
Time: 4 hours
Budget: 10 euros


1. Cut out a rectangle of 16 bubbles wide and 40 long in the bubble wrap.
2. Write the months and numbers of each day on the bubbles. Be careful to write inside out and let it dry!
3. To highlight the numbers, color the bottom of each bubble. Choose a different color to easily spot weekends.
4. Finish coloring the bubbles. You can also add some decorations for December 31, for example.
5. Cut a rectangle in the cardboard folder, which will serve as a support for your calendar.
6. Cover the cardboard box with craft paper or gift wrap of the color of your choice.
7. Paste your calendar on the created media.
8. Cut long strips of 5 cm wide craft paper. Fold them lengthwise to create a paper skew.
9. Cut out and glue the strips of paper to finish the frame’s turn.
10. Stick paper triangles in corners for a nicer, more durable finish.

In the end

You’re ready to face the year! Vary the colors used and the background of your calendar to match your decor. We can even choose paper with big bubbles, for a XXL calendar!
Practical and fun, this calendar will be an important ally to teach children the months and the date. A visual and amusing medium, reminiscent of the joy of an advent calendar, but for the whole year!
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