Tutorial: Scandinavian style coffee table

Learn how to make an original coffee table, design and practice.

With its clean lines and refined use of natural materials, Scandinavian design is well deserving of its reputation, so vintage pieces are snapped up in flea markets. So why not make your Scandinavian furniture yourself? Today, we will learn how to create a Scandinavian-inspired wooden table. 

The material

– a wooden board about 160 cm long, 50 cm wide and 2 cm thick
– a drill with a 8 mm thick forest
– wooden pins 8 mm in diameter
– a jigsaw
– a hammer
– a mass
– a square
– a tape measure
– sandpaper
– wood oil
– a brush
– wood glue
– a screwdriver
– wood screws
– a pencil
Budget: around $30
Duration: 4 hours

photo-07733137-tutorial-a-table-in-the-wood-low de-style-scandinavian-1.jpg


1. To begin, cut out the two round trays. For this, draw a circle 50 cm in diameter on the wooden board. Our trick: use a string or a small piece of wood that you nail in the center of a 50 cm square by positioning the end of the piece to 25 cm. Turn the piece of wood with a pencil at the end to draw the circle. Cut out the circle with a jigsaw. Repeat for the second board using the first board to draw the circle.

07733139-photo-tutorial-a-table-low-in-wood- de-style-scandinavian-2.jpg

2. Then trace the feet and the cross that will be positioned between the two plates, referring to the dimensions shown in the picture.
photo-07733141-tutorial-a-table-in-the-wood-low de-style-scandinavian-3.jpg

3. Saw and sand all the pieces of wood. Apply a coat of wood oil in accordance with the indications.
photo-07733143-tutorial-a-table-in-the-wood-low de-style-scandinavian-4.jpg

4. Take the two rectangular pieces. In the middle of one of them, carry the width of 2 cm of the wood. Saw the piece of 7 x 2 cm.
photo-07733145-tutorial-a-table-in-the-wood-low de-style-scandinavian-5.jpg

5. On the bottom shelf, position the two rectangular pieces with a cross. Sand lightly if necessary, the edges must be perfectly aligned before assembling the pieces.
photo-07733147-tutorial-a-table-in-the-wood-low de-style-scandinavian-6.jpg

6. The two parts of the cross will be fixed with four wooden tricks each. Place the marks on the lengths and put them on the board. Drill the holes with a wood forest. Our tip: there are very practical assembly kits for precise identification and drilling. They contain an element that attaches to the forest at the desired height. Otherwise, you can use a piece of scotch mark that you hang on the wick.
07733149-photo-tutorial-a-table-low-in-wood- in-style-Scandinavian-7.jpg

7. Put a stitch of wood glue on each end of the trunnions, then assemble the pieces. Use the mass to assemble the pieces.
07733151-photo-tutorial-a-table-low-in-wood- de-style-scandinavian-8.jpg

8. Position the second plate and screw at the cross. The face you see is the one that will be under the table.
07733153-photo-tutorial-a-table-low-in-wood- de-style-scandinavian-9.jpg

9. Mark the locations of the feet 7 cm from the edge. Each foot is assembled with two trunnions. Place the marks and drill the holes for the pins.
07733155-photo-tutorial-a-table-low-in-wood- de-style-scandinavian-10.jpg

10. Assemble the feet with a stitch of wood glue on each end of the trunnions. The feet must be very well fixed so as not to move. If necessary, add small steel brackets.
07733157-photo-tutorial-a-table-low-in-wood- de-style-scandinavian-11.jpg

In the end

Your Scandinavian style coffee table is now complete. Add a new layer of oil if the final rendering does not suit you. You can also paint the top tray in white or in pastel shades for a soft and delicate decoration.
07733159-photo-tutorial-a-table-low-in-wood- de-style-scandinavian-12.jpg
07733161-photo-tutorial-a-table-low-in-wood- de-style-scandinavian-13.jpg
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