Tutorial: transforming a chair by covering the seat with fabric

How to give a good boost to your chair? By simply covering it with a nice fabric!

You’ve found a nice chair for a few euros in a garage sale, but are you wondering if the little mermaid pattern will not be a little too much in your living room? The DIY gods have heard you, and asked us to remedy this problem! Today, you will learn how to customize a chair by changing the fabric of the seat. 

The material

– a chair
– a pair of scissors
– a stapler
– a fairly thick piece of fabric
– a pencil
– a tape measure
Budget: around $20
Duration: 1 hour
07733485-photo-tutor-transform-a-chair-by-over-covering l-sitting-with-the-fabric-1.jpg


1. To begin, remove the seat from the chair and remove the current cover.
07733487-photo-tutor-transform-a-chair-by-over-wrapping l-sitting-with-the-fabric-2.jpg
2. On a work surface, position the fabric on the wrong side. Place the seat on the spot on top. Mark marks 10 cm from the seat following the entire outline. Cut the fabric with the scissors.
07733489-photo-tutor-transform-a-chair-by-over-wrapping l-sitting-with-the-fabric-3.jpg
3. Cut corners about 4 cm from the corner to facilitate folding.
07733491-photo-tutor-transform-a-chair-by-over-covering l-sitting-with-the-fabric-4.jpg
4. Starting at the front side, fold the fabric over the bottom of the seat and staple it. Our trick: fold the fabric like gift wrap to create beautiful angles.
07733493-photo-tutor-transform-a-chair-by-over-wrapping l-sitting-with-the-fabric-5.jpg
5. Repeat on the two longest sides.
07733495-photo-tutor-transform-a-chair-by-over-wrapping l-sitting-with-the-fabric-6.jpg
6. Finish by the back side, then flip the seat back.
07733497-photo-tutor-transform-a-chair-by-over-wrapping l-sitting-with-the-fabric-7.jpg
7. Secure the seat on the chair.
07733499-photo-tutor-transforming-a-chair-by-over-wrapping l-sitting-with-the-fabric-8.jpg

In the end

And now, your chair is now like new! All you have to do is create a matching fabric pouf.
07733501-photo-tutorial-transform-a-chair-by-over-wrapping l-sitting-with-the-fabric-9.jpg
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