What green in my kitchen?

Green once again confirms its status as a trend color. Yet it was not won in advance. It must be said that the green color has bad press. In theaters, she is accused of bringing misfortune and many claim that she gives bad complexion which is not very flattering to the physical. These few inconveniences have earned the green to be little used in our interiors and in particular in rooms like the bathroom or the kitchen. Today the new hues in vogue question this idea and the greens are out. Here is the way to go for a kitchen that dares the green.


A green kitchen … or blue

We admit that for a first proposal, we cheat a little. It must be said that this color plays tricks by mixing blue and green. If the names related to this shade – duck blue or petrol blue – rather refer to blue, some consider unequivocally that these colors are green and prefer to call them “balsam green” or “emerald green”.In all cases, these shades are rich or heavy. They evoke luxury and a certain gravity. They go well with black, dark wood and metals. In the kitchen, they are combined with walnut furniture, old crockery and still lifes for an almost mysterious atmosphere. Golden handles and utensils can also be chosen to bring out the intensity of this color.



Green keys in your kitchen

If you do not dare green walls in your kitchen because you fear premature obsolence, you can choose a more measured option by limiting this color to a few objects or a well determined space. This choice then allows you to take a more pronounced color that would be too intense in total look. This is the case, for example, with bright greens such as apple green, lime green and Pantone Greenery Green (designated color of the year 2017).By associating it with white, one gets a pleasant and luminous atmosphere in a kitchen without it becoming oppressive. The colored keys will then be concentrated on areas such as curtains, credence or even appliances. It is also a way to avoid an all-white kitchen that looks too clinical.



Jungle spirit in the kitchen

After the tropical trend (remember palms and cactus), we continue the adventure with the jungle trend. More mysterious, the jungle encourages you to explore the darker sides and dare to step out of your comfort zone. As a result, green is a favorite color for this trend because the jungle is above all an overflowing vegetation. There are dark greens but also intense greens that play with other shimmering colors like blue, yellow and red.This jungle trend is in perfect agreement with the return of the printed wallpaper. In the kitchen, the paper option is chosen on a single wall, preferably one that is less exposed to stains. This limited space, for example in combination with a white kitchen, can give a boost and madness to your room.




The green kitchen in 2018

The green version 2018 has softened, it has matured to make room for more reflective hues, rather complex and appealing to rich universes internally. While the minimalist trends are still present, we put on a color that supports and reveals this position. Greens such as sage green, khaki green or aquamarine green perfectly address this issue. Quite confidential, they are distinguished by a fairly radical bias and announce the color if we can say: a way to make it clear that in this kitchen, nothing was chosen at random.These shades are also interesting because they are easily married with styles currently in vogue like the Scandinavian style or the Zen style. Another advantage: they can easily stand out in total look without seeming too aggressive or monotonous.