What to clean with alcohol?

Economical and easy to use, household alcohol excels in the art of cleaning. From floor to ceiling, no stain resists him! To obtain a result that meets your expectations, it is still necessary to know the secrets of this miracle product. Zoom on the virtues of alcohol …



– Perfect panes with household alcohol
– Stainless steel regains all its brilliance
– Household alcohol for your floors in linoleum
– Clean the kitchen and bathroom
– A second youth for your jewels



1. Perfect glasses with household alcohol

Home alcohol excels in the art of cleaning the marks on your glass surfaces:
With 5 or 6 sheets of newspaper, form a bulky and compact ball.
Pour some alcohol into a bowl and let it sit for 10 minutes in the open air.
Soak alcohol with the end of your paper ball.
Rub your windows gently, making small circular movements.
Let it dry, then wipe dry with a clean cloth.



2. Stainless steel regains its brilliance

Your stainless steel surfaces are covered with a whitish limestone veil? The alcohol will make them shine! For a flawless result, preferably use a soft, chamois-type cloth: this will reduce the risk of scratches. Dip your rag in the undiluted alcohol, and scrub vigorously until the limestone veil disappears. You will be pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of this trick!



3. Household alcohol for your lino floors

Soils in linoleum are sensitive to traces of the passage of time.To restore their former glory, trust household alcohol! Proceed as follows:
Dilute 5 caps of alcohol in a bucket of water.
Use a microfiber mop that you will soak in diluted alcohol.
Clean your floor and let it air dry.
Last tip: for the most rebellious traces, use locally undiluted alcohol. Guaranteed result!



4. Cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom

room bath-alcohol-housekeeper
Cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom is not always easy! The humidity favors the presence of mold, which gets stuck in the heart of the joints and in the not very accessible corners.Looking for the perfect ally in your fight against dirt? Disregard expensive products, and play the card of alcohol! Applied on a magic sponge, it will work wonders from floor to ceiling. Mold, grease and encrusted dust have to worry!



5. A second youth for your jewelry

Over the years, your jewelry can tarnish and lose their luster. Cleaning them in a jewelry store is an effective solution, but it also has a cost! To save money, turn to home alcohol:
Mix alcohol and white vinegar equally.
Soak your jewels overnight in this mix.
The next day, rub them with a dry microfiber cloth.
Your jewels are ready to shine brightly for many years!