Which painting to choose?

New home or simple desire for change? Make room for painting to change everything in the blink of an eye! Yes, but only if you know how to choose it carefully to achieve the long-awaited effect. Shiny, matte or lacquered effect: summary of interior paints in 5 points.


5 types of paint

– Satin paint
– The matte option
– The velvet paint
– The brilliant effect
– Lacquered paint



1. A satin paint

Scrunchie of her ladies, the satin paint is on the highest place of the podium thanks to its many assets. Leak-proof, water and moisture resistant, it rests on the four corners of the house to provide a slightly glossy effect that reflects subtle natural and artificial light. For obvious reasons, it remains the most used painting by individuals, so no particular restriction for this model.
For which parts? Kitchen, bathroom or places of passage.
Attention to: choose the lighting points, the satin type reflects the light and therefore the small defects of the walls.



2. The Matte Option

Matte paint offers a velvety look that absorbs light. On the other hand the small shocks of the daily are more visible with this painting – to avoid in the corridors or rooms of children for example. Side effect, it offers a fluffy print walls to wrap the room in a cocoon, ideal when looking for a cozy result.
For which rooms? Living room, parental room or reading corner for example. It can be very aesthetic used in simple bed frame or office to delineate the space with softness.
Be careful to choose the color because the matte remains a very fragile finish – the darker the hue the more defects will be visible in case of accident.



3. Velvet paint

The painting called “velvet” is a compromise between matt paint and satin paint. It offers all the benefits of satin paint – easy maintenance with the key, with an effect very close to the matte paint. More resistant, it adapts better to different parts of the house. The perfect middle ground when looking for the cocooning effect with the advantage of a robust coating.
For which parts? All except the bathrooms. It can offer a touch of character to a corridor to accentuate its depth while maintaining a good brightness.
Take care of the humidity because, although resistant, the velvet paint is not invincible in front of the water.



4. The brilliant effect

The glossy paint offers very bright colors thanks to its sparkling appearance. It is appropriate to bring out certain volume of your interior like architectural elements – moldings, door frames or mantelpiece for example. Also washable, it does not fear moisture.
For which parts? Kitchen and bathrooms or any enclosed area in the house as one part of wall on four to vary the effects in a room.
Be careful to make sure the painted wall is clean for a flawless effect.



5. Lacquered paint

Lacquered paint is THE bright paint par excellence. An intense sparkle that brings a glitzy effect to magnify places or furniture with efficiency.The glossy rendering offers depth and luster to the selected shade to give more character to the colors of your interior. She remains resilient and converses with ease for use in every room of the house.
For which parts? All! Also ideal for a bathroom as for a place of passage.
Attention to its smooth and tense rendering that requires an irreproachable preparation of the wall piece to avoid the risk of getting shadows on the latter.