Which plants put in a suspension?

In every room of the house, green plants hang from the ceiling to gain space and create a lush jungle effect. The traditional planters are also stealing the show by suspensions, which now find their place in all types of interiors. But which plants are most suitable for growing in height? Our selection 100% deco.


Ivy, an easy plant to grow in suspension

For beginners, ivy is the ideal plant to grow in height. Its pretty little leaves that fall in cascade are not only very decorative, but in addition they absorb many pollutants present in the atmosphere. A shade plant, ivy is popular in all types of interior and requires only weekly watering in spring and summer and every two weeks in autumn and winter. And as it grows very fast, it will quickly be very decorative in your suspension!



Asandsias like in the jungle

Originally from the forests of South America, these strange plants lacking roots feed on the humidity of the surrounding air. Nicknamed “girls of the air”, the tillandsias are the ideal candidates for a suspension very high or difficult to access.Indeed, no need to take them out of their pots to water them, just moisten them with a mist to see them develop as in the tropics!



A chlorophytum in suspension to effectively cleanse

With its long two-colored leaves, chlorophytum is appreciated for its decorative silhouette, but also for its ability to eliminate pollutants in the air of the house. He likes the light but fears the direct sun and needs to be regularly moistened without being too much watered. But once it has found its place, it represents a wise choice to say goodbye to benzene, toluene and other formaldehyde!



Rowley’s Ragweed, high obviously

Of a rare originality, the Sene├žon de Rowley is a small wonder to cultivate in suspension. With its round leaves that look like pearls, it evokes a long plant necklace that elegantly falls off the suspension. We love it.



Aromatic plants on the ceiling

And if we also grow aromatic plants in suspension? In the kitchen, the worktop is released by growing mint, basil, coriander and parsley on the ceiling, preferably close to a window to offer a real bath of light.



A potho in an indoor fence

Nicknamed Devil’s Ivy, this climbing plant with beautiful leaves of lustrous green resists perfectly the confined air of our apartments.And no one needs to have the green thumb to see it flourish, it is satisfied with a weekly watering, a little fertilizer in times of growth and lots of light. In suspension, it allows to create an indoor palisade if it helps to hang on the wall.
08792320-photo-pathos-in-supension-anno-frederic-malphettes. jpg



Aeschynanthus japhrolepis, a plant in cascade

If its name is unpronounceable, Aeschynanthus japhrolepis is nonetheless an essential plant to adorn suspensions. Its leaves fall cascading like a long and flexible hair, which is covered with pretty little flowers in summer. Easy to grow, it simply needs a lot of water in the summer and lots of indirect light. And then once in place, you will not need to remember his name, just admire it!



And too…

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