Why garden?

Your garden has always looked good: a lawn, a tree and a soccer ball. But since you have taken a look at the neighbor’s, you are full of doubts. Because grass is greener on the other side of the fence, and most importantly, this oasis-like garden makes you want to spend your life outdoors. To convince you, here are our 5 good reasons to build your garden!


5 good reasons:

– Bringing stamp to your home
– Make your garden a place to live
– See life in green (and in pink)
– Have fun on the decoration
– Save money



1. Bringing a stamp to your home

We often talk about the importance of having a healthy mind in a healthy body. Concretely, the development of a garden follows a similar approach. If your interior is beautiful, but your windows overlook a green space abandoned, you may feel that you have missed something.No worries, it’s never too late to catch up and harmonize the layout of your garden to decorate your interior.



2. Make your garden a place of life

The view of the garden from our sofa is particularly pleasant, but we appreciate even more its outside on sunny days. Depending on your lifestyle and surroundings, you will not design the same garden as your neighbor’s. Arrange different areas of your garden according to your needs (swimming pool, kitchen garden, playground, barbecue). To you the joys of swimming and the evening with friends all the summer!



3. See life in green (and pink)

Even in the heart of the city, you never say no to a little greenery. So with or without a landscape architect, build your garden as a haven of biodiversity! By choosing a large variety of plants and flowers, you will see life in green and perhaps even in pink.Be sure to plant after studying the needs of different plants (orientation, sunshine, etc): the more varieties you have, the longer you can enjoy your garden!



4. Delighting on the Deco

Looking at the layout of your garden is not all about choosing the location of trees and flower beds. It is rather to organize all your outdoor space. The advantage is that you can give free rein to your desires for decoration, creating different moods. A small zen garden around the maple of Japan, a play area for children with slide and sandbox, or a tropical-inspired summer lounge on the terrace, sheltered by a sail of shading!



5. Save money

Last good reason for planning your garden: the desire (or the need) to save money! Nothing like a vegetable garden at home to reduce spending in fine weather. You will quickly realize that this small square of cultivated land will have everything from the garden of Eden: fresh and tasty vegetables in abundance, lily of the valley to bloom and perfume your interior … And with a little luck, Mother Nature will be so generous that you can even give some around you. And put your neighbors in the pocket!